• How fit do I have to be to join you?
    You should be at least able to run for half an hour at a time.
  • How fit are you?
    We welcome all levels of runner: all age groups, beginners, those returning to running, advanced runners etc. So do not worry, nobody runs alone!
  • What do I have to do to join SCB Berlin?
    Please contact us by writing a short email at: trainer@scb-berlin.de
    Our trainer will tell you exactly where we meet.
  • Can I have a trial first to see if I like the club?
  • How much does the trial cost?
    The first trial training is free. Then further trial training (120 min) costs 5 €.
  • What do I need to bring to training?
    You need your running gear (depending on temperature pants, shirt, running jacket, shoes, socks, women’s sports bra), a water bottle, towel and shower gel. In winter, we train indoors. We often go outside for a little warm up jog before training starts on the indoor track. That’s why you need a pair of shoes and warm running clothes for outdoors and a pair of clean shoes and short running clothes for indoors.
  • Are there changing rooms and showers?
    Yes. Everywhere we train there are changing rooms and showers. Do not forget your towel!
  • What if it rains?
    Training always takes place – come rain or shine! In winter, we train on an indoor track.
  • Where and when does training take place?
    You can find more information here: http://scb-berlin.de/#training
    Please note that training locations may change (for example in the winter on the indoor track).
  • What does a normal training session look like?
    First, we do warm up run together. This is followed by technique exercises (so-called Run ABC), strengthening exercises and stretching. After that training starts. Depending on your individual level, our coach will train different groups and adjust the training accordingly. After training we do a warm down jog together.
  • How often do I need to come to training?
    As often as you want! Training is designed to give best results if you come twice a week. But if you only manage once a week, that’s great!
  • Do you provide a training plan?
    Our coach has a plan adapted to the goals of the group (for example a half marathon in 3 months). You can also get an individual training plan from him if you want.
  • What distances do you run and train for?
    We run everything: short distances on the track, steeple chase, 10km and half marathon to marathon. Of course, everyone has different strengths that are individually addressed in training.
  • I do not speak German yet. Can I still train with you?
    Absolutely! We speak several languages, do not worry.

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